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Cruising with Disney during Covid

Disney Cruising during Covid-19 Cruising thoughts! What was your overall opinion of cruising before Covid-19? Did you love it or hate it? What are your current feelings toward cruising? Are you looking forward to getting back on the water, or has Covid made you hate it? I love cruising, and I am disappointed by what Covid-19 has done to the industry. I wanted to experience firsthand the safety precautions taken by the cruise industry to see if my love was still there. So I packed my belongings and set out towards the open seas.  Why did I choose Disney?  There are several reasons why I chose to sail Disney. First and foremost, I want to reclaim my childhood and have some fun. Being stuck at home throughout most of Covid, I had a lot of pent-up energy that I needed to unleash. Second, as previously said, I was interested in seeing the cruise line's safety measures in place to protect their passengers. Finally, in 2015, I cruised on this very same cruise ship so I knew it was a short