Cruising with Disney during Covid

Disney Cruising during Covid-19

Cruising thoughts!
What was your overall opinion of cruising before Covid-19? Did you love it or hate it? What are your current feelings toward cruising? Are you looking forward to getting back on the water, or has Covid made you hate it?
I love cruising, and I am disappointed by what Covid-19 has done to the industry. I wanted to experience firsthand the safety precautions taken by the cruise industry to see if my love was still there. So I packed my belongings and set out towards the open seas. 

Why did I choose Disney? 

There are several reasons why I chose to sail Disney. First and foremost, I want to reclaim my childhood and have some fun. Being stuck at home throughout most of Covid, I had a lot of pent-up energy that I needed to unleash. Second, as previously said, I was interested in seeing the cruise line's safety measures in place to protect their passengers. Finally, in 2015, I cruised on this very same cruise ship so I knew it was a short cruise with a fantastic itinerary.

The Process

Because I booked on such short notice, I didn't have much time to plan anything else, such as excursions or ship activities. I made my reservation eighteen days before the ship's scheduled departure. I paid and immediately began the online check-in process. 

The online procedure was simple. You download the Disney Navigator App, create an account if you don't already have one, and follow the on-screen instructions. I was required to upload my vaccination card and my US passport. I also needed to upload a selfie to the app. The check-in process entails entering your personal information, creating an onboard account (whether you plan to pay with a credit card or cash), and providing transportation details, such as whether you plan to drive or fly to the Port. Once your online check-in is approved, you will receive an email with instructions to complete a safe passage. The safe passage is where you would upload your vaccine information. After that, you sit and wait for the green light to travel. That arrived within a couple of days. You will receive a QR code with the all-clear that you will be required to show at the cruise port. You can access it after you arrive at the cruise port, or you can take a screenshot of it and save it on your phone.

SN: Guests must be fully vaccinated. Guests aged four and under must provide proof of a negative Covid 19 test taken three days to 24 hours before sailing.

Cruise Day

After a short trip from my hometown, we arrive in Orlando, Florida. We gathered our belongings and proceeded to Disney's ground transportation that we scheduled in advance. The transit check-in process went smoothly. We had to show our travel documents and the QR code for the health questionnaire that we should have completed before leaving home. We could not retrieve the email for the questionnaire but were permitted to do it at the check-in desk. We boarded the bus for our 45-minute trek to the Port after waiting a few minutes for more people to arrive. 

The ride was pleasant, with a toilet on board and televisions for entertainment.

              **Disney Transfer was $35 pp plus tax each way to airport**

We all went to the health tent to get our Covid 19 test before boarding the ship when we arrived at the dock. Before you are allowed to board, you must have a negative Covid test. (It's a good idea to test before you leave because waiting for our results was nerve-wracking.) By stateroom, they transport you to an examiner.  The examiner verified our ID and scanned our QR code. After that, we were each given a bag containing a Covid 19 test kit.

We had to swab each nostril five times and then place it in a tube with some saline in it, then put it in a plastic bag in which we sealed ourselves. From this point,  we needed to wait in a separate building for our results. The results were displayed on a tv monitor by reservation number. Either the results revealed clear to sail or return to health desk. Once you get that clear to sail, you can go check-in. Make sure you keep your QR code handy because you will need it a few more times.

All Checked In

After checking in, we had to wait until Disney announced our group number to board the ship. We were assigned group eighteen, and they were working on group three when we arrived. We had to wait for approximately an hour before being allowed to board. They continued to encourage us to maintain social distance, and we wore our masks at all times as well. We piled into the atrium in small groups, each family standing in its circle, socially separated from the others, to hear Mickey and Minnie perform.

After greeting our family and listening to Mickey and Minnie perform. We proceeded to our muster station for our safety briefing. Since Covid 19, the safety briefing has altered. We now check in with the safety officer at the security station and photograph the placard outside the muster station with the Disney Navigator App. After that, your app will display a safety briefing. You can view it in your stateroom, on the deck before we go, or on the app at your leisure before we leave. It was a huge relief not to have to stand up for so long, waiting for the all-clear to sail.

Once we took care of all the required stuff, we were off to enjoy lunch, carry bags to the stateroom and explore the ship.

Disney Requirement
1. Keep the mask on at all times unless swimming, eating, drinking, or in an open area
2. During peak times, the pool is limited to 10 minutes
3. Schedule your activities on board the ship ahead of time via the Disney Navigator

Overall, I think Disney handled the cruise quite well. They truly prioritize the safety of their visitors and workers. I would absolutely cruise with Disney again. The cruise was incredibly magical, and it brought me back to my childhood.

I hope you enjoyed the read!

Please ask any questions or comment below!


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