Preparing for an International Trip

 Preparing for International Travel

No matter where you decide to travel, international travel is a big deal. Travel days can be exhausting, believe it or not. Below we provide some tips to help you prepare for traveling abroad. It is perfectly fine if you are not quite ready for overseas travel. These tips can be useful when you're getting ready for your next trip.

So Let’s Discuss!


Rest is unavoidable. A good night's sleep is beneficial in general. However, you should make every effort to obtain enough rest the night before your journey. Bring some melatonin for your travel if you think this or sleeping on the plane will be an issue. When you arrive at your destination, you want to feel relaxed, not irritated, and lethargic from a lack of sleep.

Dress in your Comfy Clothes

For hours on end, you will be seated in a tight spot! It is best to avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or has zippers or buttons that poke into your skin. Be as comfortable as you can. Don't worry, it is quite possible to maintain comfort while keeping it cute.  Wear your comfy loungewear with some great accessories, a cheerful top, and a 5-minute face, and prepare to travel in style. 

Pack Light

Only bring what you really need. I understand. Due to scheduled activities or weather circumstances, you may not know what to pack, but the last thing you want to do is drag a big and heavy extra-large luggage. It's not enjoyable. To make things easy, only bring what you need. If you're not sure, leave it at home, is a good rule of thumb.

Get TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry

You're in for a treat if you've never heard of TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry. Consider Global Entry to be the airport's version of Disney FastPass. This benefit will allow you to bypass security and customs lines. There will be no more long lines. You'll have extra time before your flight to roam around the terminals for a final stretch, restroom break, or Starbucks fix.

Put Eyes on Your Passport.

Locate your passport days, if not weeks, before your departure date. Make certain you know where it is. Don't take chances and leave things till the last minute. One of the worst experiences is realizing your passport is missing just hours before your trip.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Most airports recommend that you arrive two hours before your flight, but for foreign travel, you may want to arrive even earlier. You will not be able to use a self-service kiosk if you have any Covid-19-related documents to present (i.e. tests, attestation statements, health waivers, etc.). Expect long queues and wait periods.

Stay Hydrated

BEFORE you go through airport security, bring an empty refillable water bottle with you. You may fill it up for free at a filling station or a water fountain. Because the air cabins are exceedingly dry, you must stay hydrated to avoid suffering a dehydration headache.

Devices, Devices, Devices

When it comes to electronics, bring headphones to block out the noise for a more comfortable journey, a laptop/tablet to view movies downloaded from your favorite streaming service, and an additional charger to ensure you have enough juice.

Travel Apps

There's an app for just about anything these days, including navigation, translation assistance, maintaining in touch with your flight, and much more. Add your airline's app for flight information and in-flight entertainment, the mobile Passport app for expedited customs alternatives, and Viator for vacation activities and excursions.

Airport Lounges:

Do you have a lengthy layover? Consider paying for access to an airport lounge. Those Delta, United, and American airline lounges are open to everyone, not just cardholders. If space is available, simply pay to enter and unwind! When you're ready to plan your next overseas vacation, contact me for assistance, and keep these guidelines in mind when you go.


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