5 Things to Know Before Going to Jamaica


5 Things to Know Before Going to Jamaica

~Buffalo Soldier, dreadlock Rasta, There was a Buffalo Soldier
In the heart of America, Stolen from Africa, brought to America
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival~  Lyrics from their very own Bob Marley

 So you are thrilled about your upcoming trip to Jamaica!

There are a few things you should know before boarding the next plane for your vacation to ensure that you have the best trip ever.

These five tidbits of information can help you be a well-prepared traveler who knows what to expect when you arrive.

We prefer to keep the number of unwanted surprises to a minimum! Let's get started...

1. In tourist zones, Jamaica is a SAFE destination to vacation.

  • When visiting a new nation, most people are concerned about their safety. Tourists can, nevertheless, feel safe in Jamaica. The majority of the local crime is committed by Jamaicans on Jamaicans not with foreigners.
  • Throughout your trip, please keep attentive and in well-populated areas throughout the day and at night.
  • Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Falmouth, which is a cruise port, are the most popular tourist destinations.
  • Jamaica is considered to be a safe destination by the US Department of State.

2. Traveling around the island is expensive.

  • If you plan on spending considerable time at your resort, you can use a taxi or the local bus to move around.
  • However, if you intend to travel about the island on your own, renting a car is strongly advised because it is more cost-effective than the other options.

3. Drinking tap water in Jamaica is safe
  • During your visit, you won't have to worry about becoming sick or buying water bottles to stay hydrated. Simply use tap water to fill your reusable water container.
4. In Jamaica, they speak English
  • There will be no language barrier because English is the official language. However, the primary spoken language is Patois (or Patwa), an English-based creole, so it may sound slightly different, but you'll understand what they're saying.
5. It's possible you will get offered timeshares

  • In Jamaica, timeshare sales are very popular. You could be contacted anywhere and asked to attend a presentation that offers free or discounted activities. It is critical that you understand that you are not obligated to participate. You can politely decline and go about your business.

These 5 tidbits of information will calm your concerns about visiting a new nation and prepare you for your forthcoming vacation to Jamaica!

Do you have any other concerns regarding what you should know before visiting Jamaica? Please leave a remark!


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