How to Survive a Long Flight

So, you're ready to start crossing things off your bucket list. Perhaps the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Egypt's Pyramids, Dubai's Deserts, or Tokyo's Mount Fuji have been on your mind. These stunning locations all have one thing in common: getting there requires a lengthy trip.

If you leave from a huge city like New York, you'll be on a plane for an extended period.

  • New York to Paris – 8 hours
  • New York to Egypt – 10 hours
  • New York to Dubai – 12.5 hours
  • New York to Tokyo - 14 hours 

The mere prospect of a long flight may cause you to abandon your bucket list. But before you go erasing your to-do list, put the pencil down and read these guidelines for flying long distances.

Simply ask

Consider paying for an upgrade if no free upgrades are available. Your entire flying experience will be improved if you upgrade your seat. You'll enjoy extra legroom, more comfortable seats, and priority boarding. Even with those enhancements, your long flight will be more enjoyable.

Pack Snacks 

 You need munchies while sitting for long periods, binge-watching your favorite Netflix show. It makes no difference that you'll be seated in an airplane seat. Yes, there will be a couple of pretzels or biscoff cookies on the flight, but it won't be enough.

Bring the Basics

Make sure you have everything you need to keep yourself occupied. If you enjoy listening to music, bring your headphones. Sounds-canceling headphones will also help to block out plane noise. Because you'll be wearing headphones, you may also download your favorite movies, games, and TV shows to your phone or tablet to keep yourself occupied and entertained until you arrive at your destination. To be cautious, bring extra chargers and a power bank.

Maintain Your Level of Comfort

Another important tip for surviving long-haul trips is making sure you have the necessary items. Bring your favorite hoodie or sweater and sleep masks, neck pillows, a blanket, warm socks, and a blanket. These products will keep you comfy, and you can put them on and take them off as you like.

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more

Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Itchy eyes, a dry throat, and dehydration are possible side effects of the plane's filtration system. Dehydration during a lengthy flight can make you feel ill and disoriented and even lead you to pass out. Simply stay hydrated throughout your long travel to avoid this.

Stay Loose

While on the plane, remember to dress comfortably. Wearing clothes that is too tight or constricting is not a good idea. Those lovely outfits won't help you relax on a lengthy flight!

Extra Masks Should Be Carried

You must wear a face mask even on long flights. Carry additional in your carry-on to replace them if yours becomes dirty due to sweating, sneezing, or drinking.


Sleeping through a lengthy flight is the most effective technique for surviving it. Schedule a flight for the evening. You'll be on your way to sleeping for most of your flight as the pilot dims the lights and you pull out your eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, and blanket.

Stay Fresh

You may feel a little queasy after a 10–14-hour flight. Especially if you slept a lot on the plane. If you need to freshen up, make sure you have your necessary toiletries on hand.

Just because it's a lengthy flight doesn't mean it has to be dreadful. Long flights are a great way to get to your destination and have lasting experiences. Don't put off your bucket list because it demands a long travel; just follow a couple of these guidelines, and your time on the plane will be much more enjoyable....



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