Must Have Travel Apps!

Favorite Travel Apps 

Since we live in the age of technology, we are all aware that there is an app for everything. Travel is no exception. There are numerous apps available to make your travel experience a little easier. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Mobile Passport

The mobile passport app is a free tool that allows you to expedite your customs process. Before your vacation, download it and fill in your passport information. You can then use the app to fill out your customs declaration form instead of the paper they give you on the plane. When you arrive at customs, you will be directed to a special queue for mobile passport users. For an annual fee of $15.00, you can save your passport information in the app and never have to enter it again!  ! But make no mistake, you still must carry your passport with you during travel.

Priority Pass

Have you ever tried to find a seat near your gate before a flight? Did you feel packed and cramped? Do you wish you could locate a peaceful and comfy area to wait for your flight? That's where the Priority Pass comes in. Priority pass is an app that keeps track of over 1300 airport lounges. You can book a stay before flying or check in on the spot; all you need to do is check priority pass availability and lounge location. Once confirmed, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Airline Apps

The main airlines have apps with a plethora of benefits. Check in for your flight, modify your seat allocations and check flight status before taking off. If your plane enables it, you can watch free movies, TV shows, and other entertainment once you've taken off. You may even order food ahead of time, change your flight, and track your luggage. These apps are also completely free!


What should I tip? Who should be tipped? When should you tip? How much should you tip? It can be difficult to figure out how much to tip. Your tip may be rejected in some areas, such as Japan. When you get in Vegas, though, everyone expects a tip on everything. And by everything, I mean everything! What are your options? To learn more about tipping expectations, download Piper and enter your destination. It's fantastic to be able to know ahead of time.

My Currency Converter

It's a simple currency converter that'll come in handy when you're on the road. Over 150 different currencies from all over the world are supported. BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Dogecoin are all supported! If you're traveling, you may quickly and easily find out how much your money is worth. Bonus!!  The apps work even if you are not connected to the internet.

All Trails

If you enjoy nature, you will most likely enjoy lovely scenic walks and hiking. On vacation, you might enjoy hiking or getting out in nature. All trails are ideal for this. Enter your location and the type of trek or walk you're searching for, and we'll help you locate the perfect match. You'll find it there, whether you're looking for a gorgeous low-intensity walk or a moderate mountain hike with a glimpse of a waterfall.

These are only a few of the greatest travel applications available. However, there are a plethora of different options available for any type of trip.

Do any of you have a favorite?


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