Packing For Jamaica

 I've got your back, buddy! If you're anything like me, you always overpack for whatever vacation you take.

You know what I'm talking about... you have to sit on your suitcase to close it... Oops! Then you have too much stuff with you that you don't use half of the time.

I've designed a small packing checklist for you to help prevent this from happening again... and to keep you from looking at your wardrobe for summer clothes!

What to Pack for a Trip to Jamaica:

□ Daytime and evening light-colored tees, shorts, and skirts (make sure that the clothes you pack are made of thin material so you can be cool)
 □ 2 pairs of sandals (one for the beach and one for the pool) (in case you lose one or one breaks)
□ 3-4 bathing suits (some for the pool and some for the beach - you don’t want sand in your bathing suit when you go to the pool!)
 □ Sunscreen
 □ Bug repellent (don’t get attacked by the mosquitoes and other tropical bugs)
 □ Chapstick 
□ A light sweater for cool nights at the beach 
□ Tylenol for any headache or pains 
□ First Aid kit/Essential Medicine for diarrhea, pain, etc.
 □ Small purse or backpack (only carry necessary items)
 □ An extra cell phone charger (in case you lose one or can keep it packed with you)
 □ A Powerbank
□ Make-up/Make-up remover
□ Perfume/Oil (If you are using a carry-on bag only keep in mind the size)
□ Comfortable walking shoes so you can walk around the island or go hiking 
□ Refillable water bottle
□ Digital Scale
□ Waterproof Beach Bag
□ Ink pen for custom forms
□ Small bills for tipping the porter or excursion guide/driver

Only carry what you really need so you have room to bring back some fantastic keepsakes for your family and friends!

That concludes our discussion. All of the necessary items for your journey are listed above.

It's now time for you to collect your belongings and go have some fun!


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