What to pack for your Nile Cruise


So you are going on a Nile Cruise?

Here are some important items to have while cruising the Nile

  • Sunscreen
  • Good pair of Sandals/Walking shoes
  • Visor/Sun hat
  • Tissue
  • Sunglasses
  • T-shirts
  • Scarf
  • Wall Adapter
  • Camera/Camcorder
  • Insect Repellant
  • Small Medical Kit (diarrhea meds, aspirins, bandage, motion sickness med)
  • Bathing Suit
  • Water Bottle
  • lip balm

It gets really hot in Egypt so prepare your self by bringing your sunscreen to protect you from any sunburn.


After you have fully protect your self from the sun, you would want to make sure you dawn your hat and sunglasses to add an extra layer of protection for your face and eyes.


Capture those memories by bring your camera or phone.  Make sure you have a power bank with you to keep your devices fully charge.


Going to a foreign countries and experiencing different food can sometimes be challenging.  Adding the sway of the Nile cruise you may get sick.  It is best to be prepare so you can minimize any negative effect to your vacation.


Be prepare for any annoying insect while boarding or on the Nile Cruise.


Staying Hydrated should be one of your main priority while in Egypt and aboard the cruise.  It is recommended you carry your water bottle to have fresh water at your disposal.

It is important to dress in comfortable clothing that is made of fabric that dries fairly quickly.  Linen and cotton clothes are a good choice.  It may also be good to dress in layers so as you get hot you can remove items fairly quickly and if you get cold you can put that piece of clothing back on.


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